Ann Arbor Fiat Dealership to Open by the End of 2012

Ann Arbor Fiat - Coming soon!

The Suburban Collection has plans to open a Fiat dealership on Stadium Boulevard that will likely be a 5,000-square-foot facility. The plans are to complete the structure by December of 2012 depending on when the plans get approved by the city of Ann Arbor.
This Ann Arbor Fiat dealer will be one of a limited number of U.S. cities getting a new Fiat dealership, as Chrysler continues to reintroduce the Italian compact car brand to the U.S. market.
Ron MacEachern, a Suburban Collection General Manager, says "We are moving at an accelerated pace. We are trying to get it open by the end of the year."
The Italian Fiat brand now has 178 locations in 44 states across the U.S., up from about 140 in March of this year. Fiat's U.S. sales through July, 2012 were over 24,000 vehicles, up 205%. In Canada, Fiat has sold over 5,500 cars through July.
Interest in the Fiat 500 Abarth, introduced in the spring, and recent commercials have are generating an extraordinary amount of buzz. Fiat plans to launch a Fiat 500 Turbo this fall with 135 horsepower -- up 34% from the base model.
The proposed Ann Arbor Fiat dealership is expected to be across the street from current Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor location, which opened June 25, 2012.
Ann Arbor seems to be well-suited to the Fiat brand. MacEachern said Ann Arbor residents are environmentally conscious and not wed to traditional domestic brands. "It seems like the moons are aligned perfectly for a Fiat dealership in Ann Arbor," MacEachern said.
MacEachern says "We've had the chance to get a peek at ... what their future products could be. We are excited about the next generation of Fiat and Alfa Romeo products."
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