2018 Motor Madness Champion

850 × 599

In March, we created our first-ever bracket-style voting compiled of car brands sold under the Suburban Collection umbrella. We aptly named it The Suburban Collection Motor Madness.

The goal was simple - vote for your favorite car brand. Reasons and criteria for votes were not necessary. If you liked the color -the body style -the engine type -the wheels -whatever the reason, we simply wanted your vote and you did just that!

Now, the results are in and they might surprise you; the underdog has made it to the top. The 2018 Suburban Collection Motor Madness bracket tournament champion car is Karma. 🏆

Did you vote for Karma at any point in this poll? If so, tell us in the comments of this Facebook post.
Did you want a different car to win? Tell us which you wanted.

1200 × 628
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