Why Buy a Used Car from the Suburban Collection?

Buying a used car isn't the top choice for everyone. However, its benefits can be compelling for many.

Price and Value: Generally speaking, used cars offer lower price tags than brand-new models. If you have a strict budget to stick to, buying used could make it much easier. Similarly, buying used could bring your preferred model down to your price range. In short, you can get more car for the money.

Depreciation: New cars are notorious for their quick depreciation after purchase. With a used car, you likely won't have to deal with as dramatic depreciation. Pre-owned vehicles tend to hold onto more of their value over time.

Selection: Shopping used can drastically broaden the variety of vehicles available at your preferred price point. This is especially true with the Suburban Collection, where shoppers can explore thousands of options from dealerships across the state of Michigan.

Insurance and Other Costs: Before you buy, it's good to consider the built-in cost of a vehicle. Used cars often offer lower ownership costs for variables like insurance.

There's a simple way to find the used car you're looking for near Troy -- shop with the Suburban Collection. Our network of Michigan dealerships can help you explore used cars throughout the state.

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