SUVs are often the first vehicles that come to mind when Michigan shoppers first consider buying a used car. And for good reason -- SUVs carry a reputation for rugged reliability that can make them attractive pre-owned options. However, not all used SUVs are the same.

In fact, used SUVs for sale in southeast and central Michigan can vary greatly. Here are a few SUV categories for you to consider. These basic segments can help you determine which route to take with your used SUV purchase from The Suburban Collection.

Crossover: These models offer a great blend of comfort and utility. On one end, they have substantial cargo and seating capacity, along with the high seating position that many drivers prefer. On the other end, these models are built on car platforms with unibody designs and independent suspension setups. That means a smoother, quieter ride than many of the burlier SUV options, but less robust capability.

Off-Roader: Some SUV models are designed with one theme in mind -- all-terrain prowess. These models typically offer a relatively short wheelbase for better maneuverability along with durable body-on-frame construction and four-wheel drive. Popular off-road specialist models include the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner.

Full-Size: Full-size SUVs are usually popular with drivers who haul large families, tow heavy trailers, or even both. Longer wheelbases and larger engines allow for high max towing capacities in comparison to other SUV models. These models are also usually available with three rows of seats and space for up to seven or eight passengers.

The Suburban Collection has a huge selection of pre-owned SUVs of all kinds. Check out our pre-owned SUV inventory online, then head over to any of our various Suburban dealerships in Michigan to take one for a spin.