Of all the used cars available at Suburban dealerships, sedans are among the most popular. This body style serves a broad swathe of the automotive community with just the right mix of comfort and drivability.

If you're unsure what kind of used car to buy, we recommend considering a pre-owned sedan. It may be the ideal body style for your driving preferences.

  1. Comfort: With spacious, passenger-centric cabins, sedans are some of the most comfortable vehicles on the road. It all comes down to the four-door design that allows for excellent passenger space both up front and in the back. Most sedan models can carry five passengers comfortably.
  2. Style: When most people think of a car, they think of the sedan body style. There's a reason the style has remained so popular -- it just looks good.
  3. Efficiency: Trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles have a major flaw: aerodynamics. The lower profile design of a sedan makes for much better aerodynamics than other body styles. The result? Sedans typically offer superior efficiency ratings.
  4. Handling: There's something to be said for a low center of gravity when it comes to handling. Sedans tend to keep weight low and balanced. That translates to planted handling in comparison to other body styles.

The Suburban Collection has hundreds of used sedan models to choose from among our network of dealerships, so be sure to check out what's available. You could find a perfect match!

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