Benefits of Buying a Low-Mileage Used Car

If you're shopping for new cars at the Suburban Collection, you may also want to check out our low-mileage used selection. Cars with fewer than 30,000 miles offer some compelling advantages that may make you reconsider buying new.

Accommodate Your Budget: It may be easier to find a car that more easily fits your budget. When a new vehicle leaves the lot, it usually encounters rapid depreciation. That means that even lightly used cars are typically valued far lower than brand-new ones. As a result, buying a vehicle with less than 30,000 miles could save you thousands of dollars.

Bank on Quality: Buying a used car can sometimes be tricky -- it's often hard to tell how the vehicle has been treated and what kind of shape it's actually in. With lower mileage vehicles, it's easier to feel confident in quality. These low-mileage cars often offer quality that's near to what you would find in a brand-new car.

Mitigate Maintenance Costs: Most cars are slated for important service intervals between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Buy a car in that mileage range, and you may end up paying for maintenance right off the bat. With a lower mileage vehicle, that's less likely.

Feel free to explore our low-mileage models here on our website. Or, visit any of our locations and request to see low-mileage used cars. Staff members will gladly show you any cars that offer low mileage and great quality.

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