Picking the perfect used car is often a game of ideal timing. You've done your research, you've scoured the market, and you're biding your time to find the exact make and model you want at the right price and mileage. Luckily, the Suburban Collection offers a great way to keep tabs on used cars that have arrived on the market.

With our website, you can monitor recent used car arrivals at dealerships across Michigan. Keep a sharp eye, and you could spot the perfect pre-owned vehicle at the opportune time.

Most of the used cars that arrive at our dealerships come through trade-in deals. When customers are ready to buy, we'll make them offers on their current vehicles. If the cars pass our inspection process, we add them to the used car inventory and move the listing onto our recent arrivals page.

The result? You can watch and wait for the right car to arrive. All you have to do is select the criteria that you're shopping for: make, model, year, trim, mileage, price, etc. This will sort out any vehicles that don’t match.

When you do finally find your perfect car, it's time to contact the dealership. You can find dealership information for each vehicle in its listing. Call the dealer or pay them a visit -- staff members will set up a time and date for you to test drive your car of interest.

So, come back and check our recent arrivals frequently. In due time, you could stumble upon a great deal on the pre-owned car you've been searching for.

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