Leasing or Financing a Car Can Help Improve Bad Credit

Credit can be a finicky thing -- without careful attention, it's easy to let it slip away from you. Before long, you may end up in a less-than-ideal credit situation. Luckily there's a great way to build your credit score back up to a healthy place: leasing or financing a new car.

Car loans and leases aren't reserved for only those with pristine credit. There are plenty of financing opportunities for first-time buyers or shoppers looking to rebuild credit, and our team is here to help you find them. Once you've secured a line of credit, you can work at adding points to your score bit by bit.

Monthly car payments are a reliable way to help your credit score grow. On one hand, it builds a history of credit. Without credit history, you're unlikely to have a high credit score. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to fulfill regular payments. Each time you make a payment on time, you strengthen your credit situation. Making extra payments can improve your situation even more. Finally, paying off your loan or lease can top off your credit score and help you stay in a healthy range.

If you're ready to get into a new car and start improving your credit, chat with a finance professional at any Suburban Collection dealer. Our staff members can help you explore lease and loan opportunities, even if you have a lower credit score. We'll put the effort in to help you get great financing that builds up your credit.

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