Most shoppers who visit a Suburban Collection dealership are probably thinking about applying for an auto loan. It's easy to see why -- auto loans can make it easier to handle the cost of a new or used car with more affordable monthly payments.

One of the factors you'll have to think about when it's time to apply for your loan is the accompanying interest rate. Lenders charge yearly interest on a loan that can affect how much you pay every month. This also means that you'll end up paying more than just the cost of the car. However, a finding a low rate can mitigate this effect.

Suburban dealerships are uniquely equipped to help shoppers lock down the low rates they're looking for. Rather than have you apply with a single lender, we send your information to a network of banks and other lending bodies. This allows us to sift through the offers and find the lowest rates available to you.

First, we'll have you complete your finance application. We can assist you with this as needed, explaining terms and jargon throughout. Then, we'll send it out to our network. We'll help you pick the loan that best fits your personal priorities, whether it's a lower payment or shorter term.

So don't just apply for a car loan through your personal bank -- take advantage of the competitive offers available via Suburban dealerships throughout Michigan.

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