Top Ways to Use a Pre-Owned Minivan from The Suburban Collection

Shoppers find used vehicles of all kinds among the Suburban Collection inventory, but one body style sits apart for its sheer practicality: the humble van. If your daily driving habits demand exceptional versatility, a used van could be the perfect purchase!

Commuting: Most van models come with three rows of seats and enough space for up to seven passengers. They're ideal vehicles for shepherding your family to school, sports practice, and back home.

Road Trips: Everyone has space to spread out and relax in a minivan -- you'll be ready to cruise for hours. Plus, most models offer V6 engines, so you'll have plenty of power and smoothness for miles and miles of highway driving.

Towing: Whether you need to tow a small utility trailer or a pop-up camper, it's likely that a used van can handle the task. Auto makers design these vehicles to handle a wide range of tasks, including light and moderate towing.

Moving: Often featuring folding or removable rear seats, vans can be the perfect tool for moving bulky furniture, boxes, or other cargo. You may even find that a used van can be more practical than a truck or SUV.

Shop for Used Vans Via the Suburban Collection

We have scores of pre-owned vans available throughout our network of dealerships. Shop online to find the model you're after, then visit the corresponding Suburban dealership for a test drive!

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