Here's Why You Should Consider Buying a Used Coupe

There are literally thousands of used cars available through the Suburban Collection inventory. With models available from the full spectrum of brands and body styles, you may find it difficult to narrow down your options.

If you're not sure where to start, we recommend considering our pre-owned coupe models. You may be surprised by the compelling benefits found with these handsome used cars.

Looks:The two-door coupe body style has yielded some of the auto industry's most iconic designs over the years. From classic exotics to practical, yet stylish daily drivers, these cars all share one thing in common: timeless looks. Sloped rooflines and athletic stances are hallmarks of the body style.

Performance: Historically, manufacturers have centered their coupe models around providing excellent performance and an all-around satisfying driving experience. If you consider yourself a driving enthusiast, you'll likely find a car that can scratch the itch among our used coupes.

Maneuverability: Coupe models often offer shorter wheelbases than sedans, since they don't have to accommodate four doors. This can make for sharper overall handling. If you're looking for a car that's good for city streets or back roads, we strongly recommend considering one of these pre-owned two-door models.

Engine Placement: The architecture of a coupe has some benefits for engine space and design. For front-engine models, a longer hood allows for a larger engine bay that can accommodate a longitudinal engine like an inline-six or V8. Two-door vehicles are also much more conducive to mid or rear-engine designs. That's why so many of the world's premier exotic cars come as coupes.

So, take some time to explore our used coupe models. You could find the good-looking vehicle that you've been after.

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