If there's one thing that Porsche is known for, it's consistently pushing the envelope with unique automotive experiences. That trend continued at the 2019 International Motor Show when Porsche partnered with Holoride and Discovery to integrate virtual reality (VR) into the auto experience.

Participants were in for quite the experience, donning special VR goggles as they rode along inside a new Porsche. While the Porsche navigated through a course, the VR goggles displayed an epic cruise through the skies of a futuristic city.

The impressive trick of the operation is the coordination between the vehicle's movement and what participants viewed with their goggles. Holoride software links up the goggles to sensors integrated into the vehicle. As a result, the view in the goggles changes according to how the vehicle moves. This makes for a dynamic and unique experience.

According to Porsche, the aim for this partnership is to develop VR experiences that can adapt on the fly to variations. That means dynamic, unique VR experiences that can be integrated into the automotive world.

Porsche's partnership with Holoride has helped the company further develop its technology. At current pace, Holoride is aiming to bring its technology to the market in 2021.

VR is an exciting new step forward for the automotive community, but Porsche is already incorporating exciting technology into its new vehicles. From intuitive infotainment functions to active safety technology, Porsche offers some of the industry's most advanced features.

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