McLaren has a long, successful history of building both exceptional race cars and exciting road-legal sports cars. Now, in 2020, the twain shall meet in the all-new McLaren 620R.

The new 2020 McLaren 620R is essentially a road legal version of the McLaren GT4 race car. That means focused, elite performance with legitimate motorsport pedigree in a vehicle that you can still drive to and from work.

McLaren started with an impressive platform while developing the 620R. The GT4 race car is an elite GT contender with a strong track record. According to McLaren, the GT4's rampant success in GT Championships has lead to a demand from customers for a version that they can drive for themselves.

Enter the new 620R.

The new 620R has the same performance bits as the GT4. However, removing motorsport restrictions means the homologated street version has some different numbers. The 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 moves up to an output of 610 brake horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. The 620R also comes with lightweight adjustable dampers and carbon ceramic disc brakes. To top it off, the 620R comes with an adjustable carbon fiber wing for maximum downforce potential.

McLaren has stated that the new 620R will be a limited release -- only 350 customer orders will be filled. Each unit will be constructed at the McLaren Production Centre in Surrey with production beginning January 2020.

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