If you're looking for a car that meets your needs for practicality, value, and fun, then a pre-owned hatchback might just be the perfect fit.

Crossover SUVs may be the hot trend on the market today, but they're not right for everyone. Many drivers are looking for a smaller, more efficient package that still delivers commendable practicality. That's why we at The Suburban Collection love used hatchbacks.

These nimble-handling, utility-friendly cars are among the most well-rounded vehicles on the road. If you're looking for a vehicle that has excellent bang-for-buck, then a pre-owned liftback ought to be near the top of your list.

  • Practical: Hatchbacks split the difference between compact sedans and crossovers, offering a liftback design that makes for easy loading and a much more substantial cargo area than a sedan. It's easy to lift the rear hatch, fold down the rear seats, and stow plenty of bulky items.
  • Efficient: Most hatchbacks are no bigger than a typical compact sedan. That usually means a lower weight that allows for a smaller engine. The result? Even used hatchbacks typically yield impressive fuel efficiency that's far better than the typical crossover.
  • Fun to Drive: Hatchbacks have remained popular for blending simple utility and fun driving dynamics. Light weight and typically sharp handling make for satisfying experiences in the driver's seat. Many manufacturers have leaned into the popularity of the "hot hatch" sub-segment and produced hatchback models with upgraded engines and chassis components for even more exciting dynamics.
  • Great Value: Hatchbacks offer similar practicality to many crossover models at a reduced price. Add in the value of a pre-owned purchase and you have a great opportunity to get more car for your money.

Check out the used inventory at The Suburban Collection to view all sorts of pre-owned hatchbacks. We have a wide variety of models available from a range of popular brands.

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