If you're ready to sell your used car and want to avoid the headache of selling independently, bring it to any of the Suburban Collection dealerships in Michigan. Our dealers can make a cash offer and take your vehicle off your hands without hassle or inconvenience.

Whether you're interested in trading in an old car for a new one or you simply want to downsize your fleet of vehicles, The Suburban Collection is the place to go. We pride ourselves on helping drivers get rid of their older vehicles in the most convenient way possible. Plus, we always want to add more variety to our used car inventory.

Sell Your Car with No Hassle

Our dealerships will happily buy used cars from drivers throughout Michigan - no trade-in deal required. Just bring your vehicle in for an inspection and appraisal. Whichever Suburban Collection dealer you visit, you can get a cash offer on the spot. We base our offers on real-world values of similar models, so you can count on getting a quality deal. Once we've made the offer, we can get the paperwork and the sale complete in the same day. It's a faster, easier way to sell a car.

Trade-In Deals Available

Trading in an old car can be a helpful option as well, integrating the cash offer into the purchase of your next vehicle. Once you've visited a Suburban Collection location and picked out a new car, let the staff know that you're interested in a trade and they'll start crunching the numbers.

Contact any Suburban Collection location to learn more about selling or trading your car. Each dealership in our network is ready to make a great offer and help you find a more convenient way to sell your vehicle.

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