Just Arrived Used Inventory

Keep an Eye on Recent Pre-Owned Arrivals at Suburban Dealerships

If you find yourself struggling to keep track of pre-owned vehicles that have recently arrived on the market, turn to the Suburban Collection. Here, you can view new additions to our ever-expanding used car selection.

These cars have just arrived at our Michigan dealerships and they're fresh on the market. Since there are many Suburban dealerships in the area, you'll be able to see used cars of all types. You can keep an eye on recently added sports cars, trucks, SUVs, sedans, and much from a wide spectrum of auto makers.

Frequent checks to our recent arrivals are smart for drivers searching for very specific vehicles. If you want to keep your ear to the ground for your favorite car, this is the place to do it. As soon as you see the car you're looking for, feel free to call the respective dealership and schedule a test drive. If you already know that it's the car you want, kickstart the financing process with an online application.

Expanding Our Used Inventory Through Trade-In Deals

It's part of our mission here at the Suburban Collection to deliver one of the best selections of pre-owned vehicles in Michigan. Our dealerships are constantly looking for opportunities to cultivate their pre-owned inventories with quality vehicles.

Our dealerships frequently work with buyers to work out trade-in deals. On one hand, this helps the customer sell their vehicle with little hassle. On the other hand, we get to add another great car to our ranks. Since we receive trade-ins from through a variety of dealerships, we get to grow our inventory with a broad mix of makes and models. You can be sure that recent trade-in vehicles will find their way onto our recent arrivals page.