Volvo and Uber Tag-Team Development of New Model Prepared for Autonomous Driving

Volvo has partnered with Uber to design a vehicle that has all of the features and safety equipment necessary for self-driving functionality, and the new vehicle is ready to go.

Back in 2016, Uber was looking for an automotive partner to help chase after a bold aspiration. Volvo answered the call, agreeing to help the ride-sharing app company build a vehicle platform that can pair with Uber's own self-driving system.

Three years later, we have just that vehicle. Volvo opted to develop its self-driving vehicle platform on the XC90 SUV, adding a range of features and capabilities that optimize it for the task. An array of cameras and sensors interface with Uber's autonomous navigation technology. Together, the technologies are able to help the XC90 drive through obstacles on its own.

Volvo has also developed important failsafe features. If a primary system goes down, electrical backup features will immediately steer the car out of traffic and bring it to a stop.

The goal for this new vehicle is to provide a platform from which Volvo and Uber can grow a fleet of self-driving vehicles.

Fully autonomous vehicles aren't ready for public sale quite yet, but you can get plenty of active driver assistance features in new Volvo models that are currently available. Blind Spot Information System, Run-Off Road Mitigation, Automatic Braking, and more are all available in new Volvo models. If you're looking for a new vehicle that has your back, consider a new Volvo.

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