Certified Pre-Owned Cars, Trucks, SUVs & More for Sale in Michigan

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Certified Pre-owned Cars At Suburban!

Suburban Collection is excited to be providing certified pre-owned vehicles in the Michigan, California and Florida areas. We strive to meet the needs of our certified used customers. Over many years, we've come be known for our large selection of certified pre-owned cars, and our honest, helpful used car staff. We sell only the highest quality certified used cars.

You're Getting the Best When It's a Certified Pre-owned!

The popularity of our certified car program is due to the fact that used car and truck buyers want to know that they are getting a vehicle that has gone through rigorous testing and has been declared "certified". This means that these certified vehicles are generally under a certain mileage and age threshold, they're clean, and have passed a quality assurance check that ensures you're getting a vehicle that will perform to the manufacturer's requirements.

Certified pre-owned buyers also like the fact that many CPO vehicles come with a generous warranty indicative of a vehicle that has been screened and expected to provide years of reliable service for the owner.

Pre-owned Vehicle Customers from All Over!

Shopping for certified cars or trucks doesn't have to be a scary proposition. The Google reviews left by Suburban Collection dealer customers show that our dealers have a history of making customers happy when working with our professional, helpful staff.

When buying a certified car, Suburban Collection customers know that they're in good hands with Suburban Collection. Our certified dealerships serve the needs of folks from all over Michigan and California.

Call our certified pre-owned car department today at 877-471-7100 or browse our certified used cars online from one of our locations in Ann Arbor, Troy, Farmington Hills, or beyond and see how we can help you get into a reliable, certified auto today. Not all certified auto dealers are created equal, and Suburban Collection wants to prove that to you! Let us work with you on your next used purchase.

Whether you're close by or have to make the short drive to one of our dealerships, we can help you with your next certified pre-owned car. there are many things that separate CPO vehicles from your traditional used cars. Give us a car for additional details and OEM specifics.