The Suburban Collection is home to hundreds of used vehicles, and a large portion of them are used sedans. These versatile, comfortable vehicles have been staples of American motorways for decades. If you've been looking for a quality pre-owned example, search no further. We have a wide variety of options to consider.

Explore practical, comfortable used mid-size sedans.

Midsize sedans have long been some of the most popular vehicles on the roads of Michigan, and there are plenty of pre-owned examples available here at The Suburban Collection.

Blending spacious cabins with easy drivability and well-rounded performance, midsize sedans are just the right kind of car for many drivers. They're versatile vehicles that are well-suited for everything from city commutes to cross-country trips.

We here at the Suburban Collection are happy to help you find a used midsize sedan to call your own.

Find efficiency and value with a compact pre-owned sedan.

Our used compact sedan inventory is broad, varied, and able to help local shoppers get quality vehicles that fit their budgets.

Many shoppers who work with the Suburban Collection end up choosing compact sedans precisely because they're among the most affordable vehicles around. Add in pre-owned prices and you've got a segment of vehicles that can fit almost any budget.

Compact sedans are also quality investments because they keep drivers away from the pump. Lightweight compact sedans typically use small engines that sip fuel. That typically means some of the best efficiency numbers available.

Embrace refinement with a sport or luxury sedan.

The used inventory at The Suburban Collection has plenty of premium, luxury, and performance vehicles. And a good many of them are the four-door variety. Drivers who want upscale style and comfort or world-class power and performance can find great opportunities with our pre-owned models. With European imports as well as classic American designs, we have options for everyone.

Check out our complete selection of used sedans with our convenient online inventory.

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