So, you've been itching to get yourself a truck and take advantage of the segment's power, durability, and capability. Before you jump into a brand-new pickup, consider opting for a used truck. Pre-owned trucks have some enticing advantages all their own that have made them popular picks for Detroit-area drivers.

  1. Built to Last: Generally speaking, automakers design their trucks for toughness and durability. That often means pickups have components and engineering that have superiority longevity compared to other segments. If you're looking for a used vehicle that can stand the test of time, a truck may be the way to go.
  2. Everyday Practicality: Life has many challenges -- some of them require space for boxes, furniture, or supplies. There's no better vehicle to handle these types of applications than a truck. And with a used pickup, you won't have to worry about scuffing a brand-new coat of paint.
  3. Winter Ready: Two-wheel drive trucks aren't known for great all-weather performance, but models equipped with four-wheel drive can be a boon to drivers who contend with Michigan winters. With a proper set of tires and power going to all four wheels, you'll be ready to take on snow and more.
  4. Fun and Versatile: A used truck is a great vehicle for drivers with active lifestyles. From carrying kayaks to tailgating football games, nothing quite provides the versatility and fun of a traditional truck.
  5. Value Proposition: New truck models have ballooned in price over the years. It's often more economical to purchase a lightly used or certified pre-owned truck. You'll still get the capability and toughness you need, and you may pay significantly less.

If you're looking for used trucks near Detroit or Ann Arbor, check out The Suburban Collection inventory. With dozens of brands and even more models to choose from, we're sure that you can find a great fit. Plus, we offer an impressive selection of San Rafael, CA models as well. Contact any of our dealerships to schedule a test drive.