Used Hatchbacks

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Used Hatchback Models Available Through the Suburban Collection

The Suburban Collection famously offers the entire gamut of the automotive industry. From supercars to compact commuters, we have a little of everything when it comes to used vehicles. Some of the most well-rounded vehicles in our used inventory come from a single segment: hatchbacks.

Used hatchbacks are plentiful in the Suburban Collection used car inventory. From the coveted Volkswagen Golf GTI to the practical Ford Focus, these compact liftback models have earned a place on the roads of Michigan and among our various dealerships. Our used hatchback inventory shows options from Suburban dealers all across the state, from Detroit to Lansing. Contact any of our locations to schedule a test drive with a pre-owned hatchback.

Benefits of Driving a Hatchback

By combining compact maneuverability and excellent practicality, hatchbacks have become some of the most popular vehicles on the roads of Michigan. If you're struggling to choose between a compact sedan and a small SUV, you may be able to get the best of both in a pre-owned hatchback model. The benefits of these small, yet practical cars are plentiful.

Hatchbacks tend to reside in the compact car segment. That means most are lightweight, maneuverable, and fun to drive. Plus, they're historically thrifty with fuel. Many car makers even make hatchback models that are engineered specifically for enthusiasts. It's a great way to have a car that you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

The other element to consider in a used hatchback, of course, is utility. Hatchbacks may be on the small side, but their liftback design allows for considerable cargo capacity. If you need to stow your luggage, boxes, or other bulky objects, a hatchback is a worthy companion.